Nature creates – we carefully preserve only for you

Delicious traditions of quality

The Golden fish group company sells fish products from its own farm. rainbow trout (from 300 – 1500 gr), Salmon (from 1500 – 2700 gr), Sturgeon (from 600 – 4500 gr) are always available We are the leading fishery in Uzbekistan and are ready to cooperate in various areas in the field of Aquaculture. The fish is grown in clean mountain running water, the meat has no smell.

Live fish

this is a fish with signs of vital activity, with natural movements of the body, jaws and gill covers, floating in the water.

Chilled and frozen fish

A chilled fish is a fish whose temperature in the thickness of the muscle tissue is maintained at a level from 5 ° C to the freezing point of the cellular juice of the fish


Fish are called half of a longitudinally decapitated gutted fish, with the spine, fins, and black film removed.

Culinary fish semi-finished product

they call fish or parts of it prepared for culinary processing.