Trout farming

Trout farming

We have a cage farm for growing trout in the Chimbaylik VCC, Bostanlyq district. The cage method is the most effective and low–cost method of growing fish, which meets all modern requirements. In our production, it was designed by the Golden Fish company’s own resources.

The predominant development of the production of juveniles and commercial fish in cages was not chosen by chance. We mainly relied on design solutions and their benefits.

We also took into account the cage farming has its advantages over classical. One of them is that cage farms can be located directly in reservoirs, including complex purposes, and occupy only part of them. The second, in the cage farming it is not required to withdraw significant areas of land from agricultural turnover, as in pond farms.

In addition, unlike basin farms, growing fish in cages does not require to create forced water exchange nor electricity consumption for pumping. In the cages, passive, i.e. not requiring human effort, water exchange is constantly occurring, created by the fish itself when moving in the cages, as well as due to wave mixing.

The process is underway and the results are pleasing to us

750 tons

The annual productivity of commercial fish

20 tons

Fish fillets

15 tons

Smoked fish

7 tons

Fish cuts

8 tons

Red and black caviar

Fish are cultivated in cages due to their ability to grow and develop in specific conditions of a confined space in cages.

For the construction of cages, we used a variety of synthetic materials and developed systems of mesh cages.