About The Company

About The Company

Golden Fish Group

The best in their field

Golden Fish grows and reproduces fish at three production facilities located at separate sites.

So, local species such as silver carp, common carp, etc. are caught on the water surface of the Tuyabuguz Reservoir (‘Tashkent Sea’) and in the Golden Fish recreational area. There is a STURGEON hatchery in VCC Urta-Sarai, the Urta-Chirchik district, and a cage farm for growing TROUT in VCC Chimbaylik, Bostanlyq district.

High-grade fish varieties are grown on modern and intensive systems: in cages and ponds.


Our mission

This allows us to save the environment, grow fish in large volumes to provide the population with fish, and reduce costs due to modern technologies.

Today, we have achieved significant results in our sector, and are also preparing to implement other large-scale projects in this area.

Thus, among our achievements are the following:

  • Mastering the technology of artificial reproduction of sturgeon and trout fish families;
  • Mastering the cultivation of fish by the intensive method;
  • Introduction of cage-type fish rearing;
  • Cultivation of local varieties of fish in natural conditions;
  • Development of eco-tourism.


A great place for you and your family

The last point is already actively developing.

Today, we already have 7 ARTIFICIAL reservoirs with an area of more than 5 ha for sport fishing (stocked with more than 7 species of fish), a HORSE PAD, a POOL, TABLE TENNIS, and 5 COTTAGE HOUSES for a comfortable stay for the residents of our country.

You can come to us alone or with the whole family and spend time surrounded by pristine nature, clean air and opportunities to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.